The Playscan product

Playscan is a behavioural analysis tool that detects and communicates risky gambling. It helps players keep track of their gambling habits by evaluating potential risks associated with their gambling. Playscan will alert players to a change in their risk level. If their gambling behaviour starts to become risky, Playscan will register this and provide the player with tips and recommendations on how to adjust their gambling habits.

The data analysis are also fed back to the gaming operator, allowing the operator to work proactive against problem gambling and to integrate responsible gambling in the overall business strategy.

At-risk behavioural segmentation

Using a probabilistic risk prediction model, Playscan analyses player data to detect signs of problematic gambling. The data analysis uses a core operator specified model and examines a player’s behaviour in their gambling data. The model uses parameters such as total expenditure in time and money, intensity of game play, patterns of deposits into a gambling account or gambling during specific risky periods.

The data analysis for every player serves two primary purposes: personalising responsible gambling initiatives and communication and measuring the risk levels of the player population.

Personalised communication

Playscan includes a ready-to-use web interface for player directed communication. In the interface, the tool asks for the player’s own thoughts about their gambling. The player’s self-assessment is analysed together with the data analysis. Personalised tips and recommendations are then presented. Each player can also find information about different aspects of responsible gambling.

Behavioural insights

Playscan is supplied with a dashboard, a web interface in which players can be tracked and split into different segments in tailored reports in order to gain insights. The Playscan Dashboard allows you to explore in detail your at-risk segment and is of great value for tracking how well your overall responsible gambling strategy and responsible gambling communication works.

Training and support

We offer staff training and technical support so you get the most out of your Playscan system. We can deliver training at your premises, at our offices and via e Learning.