Methodology and research proposal

At the heart of Playscan is the desire to understand and prevent problem gambling

We are continually improving the tool by using scientific methodologies such as qualitative field studies, focus groups and user interviews. We use quantitative A/B testing and statistical methods for describing, inferring and predicting. This all takes place in order to gain and share knowledge and insights.

Are you a researcher and wish to gain more knowledge about responsible gambling?

Playscan makes a good sandbox for analysing, studying player behaviour and conducting research in a real gambling setting.

  • We can provide a questionnaire and feedback to players within a web interface.
  • We can match questionnaire data with gambling data, such as wins, losses, type of games played.
  • We also have our own web developers.

If you have an idea regarding a collaborative project with us or if you have a research proposal to make, please contact us!

Research related to the Playscan product and the Playscan self-test: