Our main goal with Playscan is to help the gaming sector safeguard its customers

Today, responsible gambling is an important part of all gambling operator’s business strategies. Regulation and tools for responsible gambling can be a way to prevent problems that can occur in connection with gambling. Playscan is a smart tool specially developed to give gambling operators information about at-risk gambling in their player population.

How it all started

In 2006, ICU Intelligence, a small company specialising in data mining, approached Svenska Spel, the Swedish state-owned lottery. With the transition to online gambling and growing data volumes, ICU Intelligence saw an opportunity to help Svenska Spel manage and utilise the data.

ICU Intelligence pitched its services and Svenska Spel saw its potential – but from different angle. Svenska Spel asked: is it possible to analyse player data from a risk perspective? Many players with real-life gambling issues stated that they had experienced an escalation of their behaviour and before they knew what was happening they were placing higher bets and losing more and more money.

By identifying such behaviour in player data, a new dimension in customer care was born.

ICU Intelligence and Svenska Spel teamed up with Sustainable Interaction, a company that specialises in problem gambling and responsible gambling, and created a data model that detected behavioural patterns associated with problem gambling. Sustainable Interaction also produced a description of the analysis that was communicated to players, to notify them about potentially risky behaviour.

The first version of the tool, called “Spelkoll”, was launched on the Svenska Spel website in 2007. In 2010, Svenska Spel acquired ICU Intelligence and Playscan AB was created as an independent subsidiary.

In 2015, Playscan AB merged with AB Svenska Spel and is currently wholly owned by AB Svenska Spel.