“With the risk analysis we are now able to reach at-risk players and give them useful and relevant advice”

We did it! On November 25th Playscan officially went live on Loterie Romande’s website and mobile app. Players can now access their risk profile, take self-tests, read about what risky gambling is and get smart tips on how to lower risk score. We talked with Bettina De Lello, CSR Manager at Loterie Romande, and asked her a couple of questions about the integration project and their expectations on the system.

Loterie Romande has chosen Playscan as the responsible gambling technology for its internet gaming platform. Can you tell us the reasons behind it?

Since January 1st, 2019, a new law on gambling has entered into force in Switzerland. This new law incorporates many new responsible gaming requirements and one of the most important is early detection of problem gambling on online gaming platform. Loterie Romande took this new challenge as an opportunity to do a benchmark and chose what we think is the most extensive, comprehensive and efficient tool on the market.

How will the system strengthen your overall responsible gambling program?

For Loterie Romande it is really important to engage on a more specific and personalized level with players who may encounter difficulties with their gambling habits. Especially with our online gaming platform, since we know who our players are. Thanks to the risk level analysis provided by Playscan, we are now to be able to reach at-risk players and give them useful and relevant advice.

How will your players experience Playscan when using your gambling platform?

Playscan is fully integrated into our online gambling platform in terms of player experience and design. For Loterie Romande it is important that the player feels continuity and consistency between his gaming journey and the responsible gaming information provided by Playscan. Players get non-judgmental information about their risk analysis and practical advice on how to decrease their risk. Being non-judgmental and factual is an aspect we paid close attention to when we prepared the communication to the players.

 What hopes and expectations do you have on the system?

We hope our players get relevant information when they need it the most. We also consider Playscan as a way to promote our other Responsible Gaming tools such as temporary exclusion and loss limits. Therefore, we expect an increasing use of our Responsible Gaming tools in general. One of the strength of Playscan is that RG tools are promoted specifically to players who need it the most.

We have just finished a six-month-long implementation project. What has this implementation journey been like?

It’s been an intense journey but the implementation process went very smoothly. We had weekly conference calls between Loterie Romande team and Playscan team. Having regular and structured meetings helped a lot especially when you have different stakeholders involved in the project. Playscan team was also available for all the questions we had and this was very much appreciated. Having quick and effective answers to your questions helps a lot!

Thank you for your answers Bettina! One last question, The Playscan Team offers Best Practice Group Meetings for all Operators using Playscan. Are you looking forward to partaking in this forum and getting to know other Playscan Operators?

Yes, we really look forward to participating in the Best Practice Group Meeting. As a new user of Playscan, we know we will learn a lot from more experienced operators who have been using Playscan for years now!

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