Which player type are you?

Summary: Analysed results of a new player test in Playscan show that “The Dream of Winning the Jackpot” is the biggest motivation for gambling – which seems to also be the one category of motivation that also holds the smallest proportion of at-risk players. The player type “The Thrill Seeker” holds the largest proportion of at-risk gamblers.

For gaming companies, including responsible gambling departments, the question of why people gamble is both important and interesting. Most gamblers lose and gambling could sometimes appear a bit irrational, as an activity. But still, people like to gamble. What is it about gambling that attracts so strongly? What motivates people to gamble?

Motives for gambling

For some people, the dream of winning millions on the lottery is the biggest motive for gambling. Those who seek intellectual stimulation prefer games where skill is considered to be important, such as horse betting and poker. Professor Per Binde, gambling researcher at the University of Gothenburg, has studied motives for gambling. He describes five underlying motives: the dream of hitting the jackpot, social rewards, intellectual challenge, mood change and what he describes as the core and most characteristic motive when it comes to gambling – the chance of winning.

Are you a team player – or a fortune hunter?

With Binde’s research in mind, we teamed up with phycologists from Sustainable Interaction and created a self-assessment test and launched it inside Playscan to help players understand and reflect upon their own motives for gambling, what player type they are – and risks associated with them.

The test consists of seven questions. Based on their answers, preferred games (chance-based or skill-based games) and motives for gambling the player is assigned a “player type” – with customized recommendations to that specific player type. We created ten different types:

The typical test-taker is a 45-year-old man

We analysed data from 2 000 tests and found that the test had an above sufficient completion rate of nearly 80 %. Unsurprisingly, more men than females took the test, 84 % male versus 16 % female test-takers. Worth noting is that Playscan in general get more visitors from at-risk players – and a large porportion of those are men.

The most common player type was found to be the “The Dreamer”, followed by “The Hard Earner” and “The Expert”.

The dream of winning the jackpot was by far the biggest motivation, followed by earning money, and the intellectual challenge.

How do the different motives relate to at-risk gambling?

If we study the proportion of at-risk players in each motivational category – we’ll see that the Jackpot motivation holds 20% fewer at-risk gamblers than the full sample. The motives “gambling as a way to earn money” and “as an intellectual challenge” seem to attract a larger proportion of at-risk players, however these relations are not statistically significant.

What player types are more problematic?

The player types that stand out with a higher proportion of at-risk players are ”The Hard Earner” and ”The Thrill seeker”. “The Dreamer”, “The Fortune Hunter” and “The Escapist” contain fewer at-risk players. For the other player types the relations are not statistically significant.

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