Responsible gambling across borders – the Svenska Spel approach

In April this year the Playscan team attended the Discovery conference, hosted by the Responsible Gambling Council in Toronto, and spoke about the responsible gambling approach of the Swedish state lottery, Svenska Spel. 

In short, this is what we argued:

Registered play can help us act

The collection, storage and analysis of player data has made it possible for Svenska Spel to create a responsible gambling framework that is both personalised and measurable. The framework sets out from the player’s gambling behaviour – and if that behaviour is excessively risky, he or she is notified. The player is offered tools to help them gain control, such as a consumption history view, limit setting and self-exclusion. The success of these efforts, from identifying problem gambling to seeking contact and how well these tools are used by players, can all be measured and appropriate KPIs can be set.

Things Svenska Spel actively avoid, for responsible gambling

Based on what we know drives problematic gambling Svenska Spel does not offer any bonuses or loyalty programmes. Elevated risk games are marketed restrictively and there is no marketing aimed at high risk players. This is important to recognise: an effective responsible gambling framework is not only about educating players on how to play smart – it is also about, from an operator’s perspective, acknowledging that responsible gambling means saying no to profits coming from high risk players.


Do you want to meet us? We’ll be at the EASG conference, in Malta, 11-14 September 2018. Contact us and we’ll gladly tell you more about our work!

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