Playscan now communicating with at-risk players trough Svenska Spels VLTs

Playscan in Vegas
Svenska Spel continues to be an advocate for responsible gambling by implementing the Playscan communication directly in the Video Lottery Terminal (VLT) interface. We sat down for an interview with Maria Schietse, responsible for the implementation-project and responsible gambling expert at the VLT division at Svenska Spel, to discuss the possibilities this new feature will bring.

With the release of new VLTs we’ll see an increased level of responsible gambling. This enables the Playscan tool to address potential problem gambling and communicate directly with at-risk players in the gambling machine. Can you tell us about the background to this new initiative?

“Gambling on VLTs is a fun and exciting experience. However, a fast-action game comes with a higher risk of losing control. It is therefore very important for us to assist with responsible gambling tools, provide support and take relevant protective measures. Implementing Playscan will give the player personalized feedback on their gambling habits which we see plays an important role to keep the gambling fun and minimize the risk of causing problems.”

How will this affect the player?

“We have seen from our evaluations that Playscan is a very appreciated gambling tool amongst our players at Svenska Spel. It gives them better control over their gambling habits in a forethoughtful way.”

What opportunities will this give you as a gambling provider?

“To provide gambling comes with great responsibility to have high consumer protection and to limit the negative consequences of gambling. By implementing Playscan we not only help the players to have better control over their gambling, but it also gives us data that provides useful insights on how to continue to improve our responsible gambling tools and communication to our customer. It is a central part of our overall responsible gambling strategy”.


Thank you, Maria! Are you interested to know more about this project? Send us an email and we’ll tell you more.


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