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    What is Playscan?

    Playscan is a behavioural analysis tool that detects and communicates risky gambling. It helps players keep track of their gambling habits by evaluating potential risks associated with their gambling.

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    What if the risk level should increase?

    Playscan will alert players to a change in risk level. If the gambling behaviour starts to become risky, Playscan will notice and give the player tips and recommendations on how to adjust his or hers gambling habits. Playscan will provide the information the player needs to make informed decisions about their gambling.

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    How is the risk level determined?

    The risk level is determined by the players’ gambling data over the past 5 weeks and the players’ own thoughts about their gambling through a self-assessment test.

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    Any research done on this?


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    How many users does the tool have?

    Every month more than 100 000 players use the tool.

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    Do players test their gambling habits?

    Absolutely, yes. Every year almost 100 000 players completes a self-assessment test.

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    Who created Playscan and when was it created?

    The development of Playscan started out in 2006 as a joint project between the data mining company ICU Intelligence, Sustainable Interaction and the Swedish state-owned lottery, Svenska Spel. In 2010 Svenska Spel acquired ICU intelligence and Playscan AB was created as an independent subsidiary to Svenska Spel. Today, Playscan is fully powered by Svenska Spel.

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    How did the idea come about?

    With the tool we took on the challenge to find signs of direct behavioural risk factors in gambling data. It was created to solve two problems:

    • Detect high risk gambling in player data.
    • With targeted communication: influence gambling behaviour to reduce problem gambling.

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    Where is Playscan available?

    Playscan is available for players at Svenska Spel, Norsk Tipping, Miljonlotteriet and La Francaise des Jeux.

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    How is the risk level affected by big sport events, such as The World Cup?

    The risk analysis continues to classify players by risk during bigger sport events. To take another example: every year we usually leave our offices and go for summer holiday. During this time, we often change our behaviour. Some of us do only wear one type of clothes (like comfortable swimwear) - and others starts consuming more alcohol than usual during this time. But, that doesn't mean that our habits are permanently changed. However, fact is that a suddenly change, i.e. drinking more alcohol, is identified as risk behaviour during the time the behaviour occurs; it increases one's tolerance and displaces the limits for what is "normal" drinking habits. Because Playscan measures risk levels, bigger sport events could result in an "increased risk" analysis. This because this kind of events, like the alcohol parable, often changes one's gambling behaviour during this time. This has also been user-tested and is understandable for players. Players are aware that their risk level has changed due to fact that they have, for a period of time, changed their behaviour. For a gambling company, it is important to follow what happens after a big sport event: are the player still gambling on a higher level? Has he or she increased its tolerance towards gambling?

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