Players that receive a notification from Playscan investigate their gambling habits further

We have for a long time seen that push notifications has resulted in good rates to raise interest for responsible gambling tools such as Playscan for relevant player groups. [1] In a new randomized controlled trial at Norsk Tipping we tested how well push notifications performed in two scenarios. 1) to raise awareness of an escalating gambling risk and 2) asking the player to take a self-test. Furthermore, we wanted to try out different types of messages to see if we could increase click-rate.

Players were randomly assigned into three groups for each type of message.

  1. A) Control group that did not receive any push notification
  2. B) Notifications with classical wording
  3. C) Notifications with a new type of wording

The result

It turns out that notified players were 3,4 times more likely to visit Playscan than the group that did not receive any notification. 41% of the players notified and asked to take a self-test completed the task while 3 % of the control group did so. Furthermore, it was found that players notified about taking a self-test was 3,2 times more likely to complete a self-test than the players notified about escalating gambling risk.

Conclusively the new wording of the escalating gambling risk message resulted in a slightly higher click-through rate for the escalating gambling risk message then the classical wording. No significant difference were found for the two different wordings for the self-test message.


The results conclude what we have previously argued that push notifications seem to be a good way to target relevant player groups with responsible gambling information. These results give indications of how well this type of technique works. Furthermore, we conclude that the message meeting the player is important in motivating the player to do a specific task.



[1] Lyckberg, Axel. Proactive RG Communications using Playscans risk analysis. Presented at EL/WLA September, Lisbon 2018  https://www.slideshare.net/playscan_ab/proactive-rg-communications-using-playscan-risk-analysis(Slide 12)

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