What is Playscan?

At-risk behavioural segmentation

Using a probabilistic risk prediction model, Playscan analyses player data for signs of problematic gambling.

Personalised communication

Playscan provides targeted communication to suit every player’s specific needs. Each player can see their risk level – but also receive tips on how to lower their risk score.

Behavioural insights

Playscan provides data reports that can be imported into gambling operators’ data warehouse solutions. The solution includes a tool that analyses the data so trends can be followed and goals can be set.

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News & Insights

Small change makes a big difference, new A/B-test shows

It’s well known that when writing texts for the web, we need the strongest chain of words possible to inspire the most engagement. This usually means cutting sentences down to make them crisp and to the point – something we know also applies to responsible gambling communication. In a new A/B-test, performed on La Française […]

“With the risk analysis we are now able to reach at-risk players and give them useful and relevant advice”

We did it! On November 25th Playscan officially went live on Loterie Romande’s website and mobile app. Players can now access their risk profile, take self-tests, read about what risky gambling is and get smart tips on how to lower risk score. We talked with Bettina De Lello, CSR Manager at Loterie Romande, and asked her […]

Players that receive a notification from Playscan investigate their gambling habits further

We have for a long time seen that push notifications has resulted in good rates to raise interest for responsible gambling tools such as Playscan for relevant player groups. [1] In a new randomized controlled trial at Norsk Tipping we tested how well push notifications performed in two scenarios. 1) to raise awareness of an […]

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We believe in a scientific approach when developing Playscan

About us

Playscan has been operating since 2007 and is owned by AB Svenska Spel. The Playscan tool is not commercially available, however, we are always open for product development and knowledge exchange in responsible gambling practices within the gaming industry.

The team behind Playscan is multidisciplinary and is made up of data scientists, system developers, communication experts and project managers. With more than a decade of developing and evaluating the tool, we put our knowledge into best practices on how to help players control their gambling.

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